Tips for Plating With Nickel At Home

Plating With Nickel At Home

A nickel electroplating kit can range from a small brush-type plating kit to a large kit that incorporates several bottles of solution, a tank, a power supply and everything else needed to complete the task of nickel plating. Many people will look for the ability to not only plate gold and silver in an electroplating process but also have the product and material to be able to do copper and nickel plating as well. Plating jobs that incorporate all four of these metals will make a larger kit necessary.

The benefits of using nickel

The kits give the plater the flexibility to do a wide range of conductive plate products. The benefits of using nickel for any plating projects are two-fold: the nickel plate will add a luster and shine to any base metal that is being plated. For example, a copper plate that is used to build up material or cover a metal alloy like aluminum or die-cast metal will then be improved on with nickel by adding a more appealing top layer. Of course, this top layer should be buffed and polished to give it a finished plate that is ready for others to see. Some say a very well polished nickel can even pass for show chrome. The second benefit of using nickel in an electroplating application such as a car or motorcycle part is that nickel is very weather resistant. Its anti-corrosion, ability to withstand wear and tear and resistance to friction makes a nickel a worthwhile and even desirable metal for plating purposes.

When using nickel solution in a nickel electroplating process you will be able to make a plate barrier over some metals like copper or brass and this will help make sure that a top plate of gold will keep its color and beautiful luster. Secondly, you can also do a triple nickel plating on certain parts that may need the extra durability. Lastly, you can plate copper contacts for electrical needs and purposes. These are only a few different options when plating with nickel.

DIY and at-home platers will find many potential opportunities for nickel plating. Check into the various online dealers to find the right size and type of nickel plating kit for your project. There are a few to choose from that will depend on the project and how much of a total budget you have set for your job. A quality purchase will go a long way to providing the right materials for a final outcome that will make you proud.

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