Tips Preparing For A Long Trip

Preparing For A Long Trip

For the holiday weekend, I will be traveling to New York from North Carolina, and I will be doing so by car. If you are traveling on a fairly lengthy road trip, it is best if you can work it out somehow so that you are not traveling alone. Finding a buddy or someone else to ride with you is a great way to pass the time as well as a deterrent for anyone who may want to cause you harm because they see that you are alone (especially if you are a woman).

For this trip, my boyfriend will be going with me, and though I have made the road trip to New York plenty of times and then some, it still helps to go through a checklist of things to bring with you. Whether you are a novice driver hitting the pavement for the first time or a champion road trip planner who is making your umpteenth trip to someplace that you've been at least a dozen times, planning is everything when it comes to safety and preparation for the unknown. That being said, the night before a road trip, I usually start off by cleaning my apartment. My mother used to have a rule about taking a trip or vacation somewhere. She felt that when she came back to her house after staying away for a few days that she wanted to walk into a home that was nice and clean. She felt that it was nice to have your "?? home welcoming you"??. Adopting this thinking, I always make it a point to clean up. This means making sure that all of the dishes are done and put away, the garbage is taken out, the last load(s) of laundry are done, folded and put away and that everything is vacuumed and dusted. This is a great habit to get into because when most people get back from a long trip, the last thing that they want to do is have to worry about starting to clean anything!

Trip planner about packing

Next on my long trip planner has to do with packing. I've got my packing down to a science now. Especially if I am going home to spend time with my family, I know that I don't have to pack that much because I have purposely left some key items at my parents' house such as shampoo/conditioner, a few shirts, pants, toiletries, etc. all so that I don't have to bring quite as much with me. As a general rule of thumb, it is always best to try to pack as lightly as you can. Doing so will draw less attention to you when you travel and make you less of a target. If I am planning on leaving early in the morning to start my drive, then I will make sure that my bags are packed and set aside so that all I have to do in the morning is shower and go. Some people are under the impression that putting your bags in the car the night before saves you the trouble of having to do it the next day. While this may seem to make sense, it is not advisable because when you leave things in your vehicle (even if they are in covered trunk space), you never know who is watching and will wait until you are in bed at night to break into your vehicle and steal things.

Lastly, make sure that you get PLENTY of rest. Too often in the past, I have made long road trips on little or no sleep, and it is a wonder that I even made it to where I was going in one piece. Do not do this! Get plenty of rest so that you are fully awake and alert when it is time to leave.
Thank you for reading Tips Preparing For A Long Trip. See you next article.

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