New set of tires

New set of tires

Every car is going to need tires sooner or later… it’s something you tend to not think much about until the tires start to come apart or you fail a vehicle inspection due to worn tires! But in the end, it’s something you just have to figure into your car maintenance price and overall cost of operation. So just include it on your auto maintenance checklist!

If you’re driving an older model car with high mileage, chances are you’re not going to buy premium tires for it. But don’t just settle for the cheapest tires the dealer has to offer, either. Ask yourself these questions:What are my driving habits? Do you tend toward hard cornering and like a good-handling car? Maybe a performance tire is a good fit. Are you putting a lot of highway miles on your vehicle? Consider a high-speed touring tire.What’s my vehicle? Remember that bigger trucks, SUVs and vans are going to require truck tires, which are going to be more expensive.What was my last set of tires? If you had a great set of tires last time around, chances are you will want to go with them again. If your last set of tires was so-so…you’ll want to make a change.

How worn are my current tires? If you’re not quite ready for a whole set of tires or can only afford two tires, have two new tires installed on the rear wheels. New rear tires will reduce the chance of hydroplaning or fishtailing on wet roads.Do you value a smooth ride over crisp handling and braking? Again, this will come down to your vehicle and personal preferences…a big sedan versus a sport compact.How long do you intend to keep the car? This question takes us full circle. If your car has high mileage, you may want an inexpensive set of tires with a 35k mile warranty (there are plenty of inexpensive sub-brand tires on the market that are fine). So this New set of tires article, hopefully with this article can increase your insight into save driving, good luck

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